Boise Betties Registration

Please download, print and complete all four pages of the registration:

Boise Betties Registration and Waiver

then mail back to:

Boise Betties
P.O. Box 1194
Boise, ID 83701


There are several ways to pay for membership…

  • For the old fashioned check writer, please include a check with your registration paperwork.
  • Ready right now?  Click here:

  • if you want to go with the monthly auto-pay, please Subscribe below:

A quick look at the fees again (or more details here):

$75 Annual Membership (required)
$120 6-week Fully Coached Training Program (12 sessions)
$100 Workout Punchcard (10 sessions)
$60 Fully Coached Monthly Training Program (monthly auto-pay- please use Subscribe button)

Many thanks and we look forward to seeing you at practice!