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An Awesome Partnership with St. Luke’s Sports Medicine

Posted on Jan 20, 2016 in SPONSORS, Uncategorized

The Boise Betties are super excited to announce that we have been selected by St. Luke’s Sports Medicine as a sponsored team in 2016!  This is an incredible partnership for our athletes to stay on top of injury prevention and care- a must for any level of athlete! What does this mean for the members of our running club?  It means that the physical therapists at St. Lukes Orthopedic Rehabilitation gave us an inside line for booking appointments; a chance to nip an injury in the bud.  If injury does set in and our athletes need a cross training option, St. Luke’s has granted us complimentary hours each week on the AlterG treadmill (antigravity treadmill: basically the best thing an injured runner could hope for).  But best of all, our athletes will prevent injuries with the help of comprehensive gait analysis by the pro’s in the sports medicine department. Imagine running on a treadmill, in front of a large grid with little dots stuck on your knees and hips- actually dots on every joint- all in the name of identifying weaknesses in your running form!  Subtle hip drops and twisting torsos will no longer aggravate our Betties to the point of injury.  This is a very cool chance for our team to gain personal insight at a level many elite runners have not yet experienced.  As a new offering at the clinic, we are thrilled to be some of the first in line for the service! 2016 is going to be a great year for our healthy, strong, and balanced Betties!  Thank you St....

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