Gretchen Hurlbutt has background that spans the running spectrum.  From her first high school track meet to the Olympic Trials Marathons, Gretchen’s experiences have all contributed to her fun loving approach to running and training.  Now she’s ready to share her philosophies, research and the techniques that resulted in her successes, while listening to your needs, background and desired outcomes.

Together we will help you achieve your goals!

All coached athletes get together weekly for:

Tuesday AM:       Coached speed work geared to specific time based goals.  This will be the most fun you’ll ever have on a track!

As team members, coached athletes are encouraged to join us for:

Wednesday AM:     Social run to embrace the trails in summer

Racing:                 While each build up is geared to a specific race, I encourage team members to test themselves and their fitness at races in the build up phase.  Racing builds confidence and team camaraderie, and of course it’s really just a lot of fun!

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