If you enjoyed running and training with Gretchen, leave a comment here and let others know what they can expect!  Many thanks for helping spread the word.


  1. LOVED running with Gretchen. She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and obviously a great runner herself. I would recommend her coaching to anyone looking to push themselves to the next level!

  2. Gretchen is an amazing coach!! She was my running coach when I was in a group she started called “Runaways” in Ketchum. She is fun, enthusiastic, talented, kind, inspiring, and generous. I actually looked forward to running with her every week — whether we were doing hills, going for a long run, or practicing pacing. She helped me push myself, become a better runner, and develop confidence. I count getting to work with Gretchen as a big gift in my life. It also helped to be part of a group. I tried new things, ran faster and longer, and had more fun training for a half marathon with a group than I would have on my own. Thank you, Gretchen! I wish you lived in Portland and were starting a group here.

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